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So much of how we live our daily lives – from searching for a job to accessing health data – has moved online, which requi

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced the availability of loans to build broadband in rural areas, along wi

President Barack Obama announced today his plans to ensure more Americans have access to fast and affordable broadband.

Last week, The Daily Yonder posted an article discussing which sorts of policies would prove most beneficial to broadband

In addition to the problems that exist with broadband access, barriers to entry still prevent many New Yorkers from subscr

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Welcome to the New York State Universal Broadband website. This website provides information on the state’s efforts to ensure every New Yorker has access to affordable, high-speed broadband services in urban and rural communities from border to border.

Better broadband means greater opportunities for New Yorkers. By leveraging today’s Internet, citizens have greater opportunities to connect to educational and workforce development training resources; communities can foster more economic development; businesses can access new markets and create more jobs, and our schools, colleges and universities can conduct high-tech research and development and build an innovative and talented high-tech workforce. But, residents cannot fully participate in the digital economy without access to affordable broadband and the ability to use it.

Despite New York’s record of commitment to universal broadband, there are still many areas that are underserved and unserved. We have a diverse State made up urban, suburban and rural areas. As outlined in the Broadband Strategic Plan, we are working to close the digital divide that exist in adoption and availability rates, and to increase economic opportunities in New York State through universal broadband deployment.

High speed Internet connects citizens to a world of information, entertainment, education, and economic opportunities. The faster the connection, the greater the opportunities. The NYS Broadband office is conducting the “New York State Speed Test” to collect actual broadband speeds consumers are experiencing and where they are located. To test your computer’s broadband connection speed, take the NYS Speed Test.

Actual speeds are impacted by many factors including the package you selected through your provider, the amount of internet traffic at the time you are online, and the quality and capacity of your computer equipment.

NYS Broadband Strategy Development Toolkit

Broadband Adoption Rate Study

2012-13 Broadband Annual Report

2011-12 Broadband Annual Report

NY Smart Schools Commission Report

Economic Impact of Wireless in NYS June 2014

Governor Cuomo's 2015 Opportunity Agenda

Tell Us About Your Internet Access

The New York State Broadband Program Office would like to know about broadband or the lack of broadband service in your area. Your input will help New York State supplement our statewide mapping efforts and also determine the desires of our citizens to have high-speed Internet service in your area.

Broadband Success Stories

The New York State Broadband Program is seeking stories on how access to high-speed Internet has positively impacted your quality of life, enhanced economic development for your community or increased your businesses productivity. Share your success stories.

In an effort to understand where broadband is available, and where it is not, New York State has undertaken a massive effort to build a statewide broadband map showing usage and access to broadband technology.

The Map allows citizens to explore all regions of the State. Visitors to the Map can enter a street address and see a list of broadband providers who offer service in their neighborhoods, including the types of broadband service, speeds, and more. The Map also permits visitors to indicate areas that lack broadband coverage, and help the State gather additional data on broadband availability.

Standards to measure broadband availability in New York State are set at 6 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload. To view PDF maps depicting broadband availability, speeds and providers, as well as Connect NY Project locations, at NYS minimum speed thresholds click here.

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