The Broadband Availability Map and/or Residential Broadband Search indicates that a broadband provider(s) provides service at my address. When I contact that provider, it states that it does not provide service at my address. Why is this?

The broadband service availability and characteristics represented on the Broadband Availability Map and Residential Broadband Search tool are derived from the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Fixed Form 477 Broadband Deployment Data - December 2019 (version 1) which includes biannual broadband service provider submissions. The FCC uses a one-served, all-served method for identifying Census Block service, and, therefore, actual service may vary within and along Census Blocks. A provider that reports deployment of a particular technology and bandwidth in a particular Census Bock may not necessarily offer that particular service everywhere in the Census Block. Accordingly, a list of providers deployed in a Census Block does not necessarily reflect the number of choices available to any particular household or business location in that block. Because of this method, in some areas, the Broadband Program Office (BPO) awards may fund unserved or underserved locations within a Census Block that appears to have existing access to 100 Mbps. The raw data can be downloaded here.