How will the grant-funded service provided by Hughes Network Systems differ from the company’s current commercial offerings?

New NY Broadband Program funding will enable Hughes to deploy its new Gen5 satellite broadband service offering download speeds of at least 25 Mbps to the awarded Census Blocks.  

The grant-supported service plans to be offered by Hughes in awarded Census Blocks are described below.  Once the service plans are made available, constituents may contact Hughes to determine their eligibility for grant-supported service and subscribe. As required by the Program, both of these plans will deliver Internet speeds of at least 25/3 Mbps (download/upload) for a monthly rate not to exceed $60 with an installation fee not to exceed $49, much lower rates than Hughes’ current commercial pricing for the Gen5 service. 

  • 100 Gigabyte (GB) Plan – Available pursuant to the New NY Broadband Program; Monthly data allowance of 100 GB (20 GB between 8am-2am, 80 GB off-peak)

  • 150 Gigabyte (GB) Plan – Available in Census Blocks that receive Connect America Fund Support; Monthly data allowance of 150 GB (100 GB between 8am-2am, 50 GB off-peak)

Each plan has a monthly usage allowance.  Exceeding a monthly data allowance may result in Hughes slowing service, however, users will have unlimited data at the reduced speed for no additional cost.  Hughes has committed to use best efforts to deliver download speeds of 3 Mbps where a user’s data allowance is exceeded, but actual speeds may vary based on traffic levels.  Additionally, for the grant-supported service, Hughes has committed to meet a minimum latency standard of 95% or more of all peak period measurements of network round trip latency less than 1 second.

It is anticipated that Hughes will also offer additional service plans at different price points.