What are the customer costs associated with New NY Broadband Program projects?

Awarded providers must offer a required Broadband Pricing Tier (the “Required Pricing Tier”) as a service option to all residential users that delivers minimum Internet download speeds of at least 25 Mbps, at a monthly rate not to exceed $60, adjustable based on the cost of inflation in accordance with the terms of the Program Guidelines.

This $60 rate should include connection fees, standard modem equipment, and/or surcharges that exist at the time of the application; however, it may exclude a one-time installation fee.  The installation fee may not exceed $49 (regardless of whether the fee is paid in one or over several installments), except where providing service to a customer would require the applicant to make a connection in excess of 300-feet, measured as the offset from the road to the typical termination point on the customer’s premises.  In such cases, the awarded provider may charge a custom installation fee in excess of $49.

It is anticipated that awarded providers will offer additional service options alongside the Required Pricing Tier.