When will the grant-supported Hughes service be made available? How can I sign up?

The New NY Broadband Program grant-supported Hughes broadband service plans are now available in many of Hughes’ awarded service areas. ​

To see if your location is eligible for grant-supported service from Hughes, please visit the Broadband Program Office’s Residential Broadband Search tool and enter your address. If the results include a “BPO Award” for Hughes Network Systems, indicated by a star ★ symbol, then your location is eligible. If the “Project Status” field indicates that the project associated with your location is “Complete,” then service is currently available and you may contact Hughes to sign up. ​

For more information and to sign up for Hughes service, call 844-228-7909. You can verify with Hughes that your address is eligible for grant-supported service by visiting http://www.hughesnetnysb.com/ or http://www.hughesnetny.com/. The former website links to Hughes service supported entirely by New York State and the latter site links to Hughes service supported through a New York State partnership with the Federal Communications Commission.