Why did my location not receive an award from the New NY Broadband Program?

All Unserved and Underserved Census Blocks statewide were eligible for funding through the New NY Broadband Program, except where the Broadband Program Office identified a commitment for broadband service outside the Program.  The Broadband Program Office (BPO) removed Census Blocks (CB) from our Program where an existing provider certified that it serves or would commit to serve the CB with high-speed Internet.

Further, the New NY Broadband Program was structured to work in conjunction with Charter Communications’ New York State Broadband Expansion Plan (as discussed below), though which the company is deploying new broadband access to 145,000 locations under conditions established by the New York State Public Service Commission. These locations were removed from eligibility within the Program, as to not allocate scarce funding to an area where a commitment to deliver broadband already exists.