NYS Broadband Program Office

Serving as the state’s single point of contact for broadband issues, the NYS Broadband Program Office’s (BPO) mission is to increase economic and social opportunities through universal broadband deployment. By identifying broadband needs, and developing unique solutions, the BPO is helping to close the digital divide that exist in adoption and availability rates.

The BPO performs a variety of functions with a goal to ensure every New Yorker has access to affordable high-speed Internet service. These functions include:.

  • Supports broadband initiatives for the ten Regional Economic Development Councils to advance broadband access and adoption.
  • Coordinates broadband projects across New York and collaborates with broadband project sponsors to maximize broadband investments to the state.
  • Manages state broadband grant programs, including the Connect NY Grant Program and the NYS Universal Broadband Grant Program, and facilitates statewide grant applications for federal grant solicitations.
  • Conducts outreach to educate stakeholders, community leaders, and citizens on issues such as state broadband initiatives and programs, the types and availability of services, and broadband funding opportunities.
  • The BPO is fully engaged in state, multi-state, federal, and international partnerships on broadband-related issues, including broadband deployment, digital literacy, and the National Broadband Plan.
  • Contributes to broadband-related federal discussions, and reviews and recommends changes in laws, rules, programs and policies of New York State to advance opportunities for broadband.

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